As of September 2019, new approval conditions apply to Shippers who want to use ZEBRA’s transport services. You can download these approval conditions here.
The existing conditions will remain in force until 1 September 2019.
Conditions until 1 September 2019:
Only Shippers that are approved by ZEBRA Gas Network B.V. (hereinafter: ZEBRA) can use ZEBRA’s transport services. They must have obtained this recognition at the moment the transport service is purchased. ZEBRA assumes that any party applying for recognition will notify themselves of the current rates and the general terms and conditions.
ZEBRA approves a party when it:

    1. is sufficiently creditworthy in relation to its transport obligations. A party
      is deemed to be creditworthy if it is already recognized as a Shipper for the
      HD network of GTS and/or Fluxys. This must be demonstrated by this party
      upon the first request. ZEBRA must also be immediately informed if
      an approval by GTS and/or Fluxys is cancelled;
    2. meets the requirements for electronic messaging regarding
    3. has the expertise and care in all respects as well as the technical,
      administrative and organizational facilities required to participate in the gas transport
      in the ZEBRA network and behaves in accordance with the agreement. A party is
      deemed to comply with in the previous sentence determined if it is qualified as
      a Shipper for the HD network of GTS and/or Fluxys;
    4. accepts the current general terms and conditions of transport of ZEBRA
      as published on Acceptance takes place at
      the moment of concluding the transport agreement with ZEBRA.;


When a party meets the abovementioned terms, ZEBRA provides an approval through publication on its website. Subsequently
the party is referred to as a ‘Shipper’.
The following parties are currently recognized as Shippers;