About ZEBRA Gasnetwerk

ZEBRA Gas network B.V. is responsible for the management and operation of a high-pressure gas transport pipeline which was constructed in 1998 and on which an expansion took place in 2002.

High-calorific gas is transported through this transport pipeline, which is taken from the Fluxys gas transport network at the Sas van Gent import station.
This gas is transported to the various connected large-scale consumers.

The high-calorific gas has a variable composition and, according to Fluxys’ specifications, will be globally between the following limits: *


Unit Minimum Maximum
Gross Caloric Value (GCV) MJ/nm3 38,9 46
Net Caloric Value MJ/nm3 35,000 41,400
Wobbe Index MJ/nm3 50,9 55,7
Gas Ron 0,736 0,846
CO2 Mole% 2,5
CH4 % 81,648 95,134
O2 ppm at volume 1000
H2S ppm at volume 3,33
Total Content Sulphur ppm at volume 100
Dewpoint (water) ºC -10
Dewpoint (hydrocarbon) ºC -2


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