Press release
‘s-Hertogenbosch / Goes / Groningen, 4 September 2019
GTS takes over the ZEBRA gas pipeline from regional network operators
The extra high-pressure networks in the southwest of the Netherlands, including the ZEBRA gas pipeline, will take part of the national gas transportation network of GTS. The nets are currently owned by regional network operators Enexis Netbeheer,  Enduris, and ZEBRA Gas Network. The network operators have jointly examined whether GTS can take over these networks. From that research, it turned out that a transition from these extra high-pressure networks is feasible.
Extra high-pressure networks are managed by the regional network operators with an extra high pressure level of more than 16 bar. High-calorific gas is being transported through the networks. A transfer of these networks to the national gas transportation grid, can make a positive contribution to the Dutch gas market and the optimal use of the national grid. In connection with this acquisition, an advisory process has been started with the relevant works councils. The staff members of ZEBRA Gas Network are seconded from Enexis Netbeheer and Enduris and can return to their employer.